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Beholder by RaediantJulz Beholder :iconraediantjulz:RaediantJulz 0 0
Gardenia Chapter 3
Azaela liked going into town. The thing she didn't like was people staring at her. It wasn't because she was human, false ears hid that easily enough. It was because of her hair. The purest white anyone had seen. It shown bright as a new snow, and easily caught attention. It was the type of white that couldn't be mistaken for blonde, just white. Pure. Glimmering. White.
She pulled a pair of jeans off the nearest shelf, examining the price before the size. She threw them into the cart as Leona held up shirt after shirt for her to approve. "Hmm....How about this one?" She grinned wickedly.
A midnight black shirt with skulls all over it stared back at Azaela. "Um...No." She rolled her eyes. Leona knew she hated black shirts. Not only did they make her look pale, but contrasted her hair so drastically that it seemed to shine like a lightbulb. Leona chuckled before holding up a few mores shirts and throwing the few that made Azaela's cut into the cart.
"You wanna get something to eat after
:iconraediantjulz:RaediantJulz 0 2
Gardenia Chapter 2
She gently placed her hands over her head, sighing as her hot breath bounced back from the table. Leona picked up her head before setting it her hands. -Why does this always come up? Why can't she just let this be.- Leona thought to herself, -She doesn't understand. I don't want this for her, I'm suppose to be protecting her, not corrupting her with my blood. She just...Gah. She doesn't get it.- She closed her eyes and before she could stop it, the night came flashing back...
The music was blaring, loud enough to send the vibrations through Leona's body. She pushed past couples on the dance floor, heading over to the usual table. She sat down at the vacant table, smiling as the waitress came over and took her normal order. She looked around absently, searching for Lyri in the crowd. She knew full well that he wouldn't be there for another hour or so, but she still searched the crowd. Her head turned as she heard someone sit across from her.
He pushed a lock of his midnight blue hair ou
:iconraediantjulz:RaediantJulz 0 0
Gardenia Chapter 1
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." She sighed loudly and slammed the book shut. "Are you seriously gonna make me read this to you?" Leona glared into the other's bright blue eyes, frowning as she slid the book away from herself.
Azaela mocked a hurt face, but her eyes gleamed with delight. "Oh come on, Leona! It's not -that- bad..."
Leona sat back, sticking a cigarette between her painted lips and lighting it up, taking a long drag before speaking. "Like hell it's not. I almost fell asleep before the first line was over." She retorted with a frown. "Plus, ain't I suppose to be teaching you?" She flicked the slender stick, sending ashes falling down over the 15 butts from that morning in the glass ashtray infront of her.
" 'Aren't' " Azaela corrected as she got up, walking into the kitchen of their small appartment. She started to pull out some pots and turned on the stove. Although she was only 17, she still cooked all the meals. She was the only one that could. L
:iconraediantjulz:RaediantJulz 0 0
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Julia Rae
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scribbles327 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2008
you're mine. forever. that's pretty much amazing in itself. i love you. really going home now.
scribbles327 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2008
so now that i can taint both your myspace and you deviant pages, you will have to show me how to use this one. i'm completely clueless. time to go to work now, love you. talk to you tonight. muahh!

the faces on the side of this are pretty much amazing. i like the anger one, it bounces! that makes me wicked happy.

scribbles327 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2008
i love you. forever.
greeneyeswink Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2007
Looking forward to the next chapters. ;)

Keep it up! :D
RaediantJulz Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2007
So, Got my two new sketches up. Hopefully by next weekend i'll have up some more. Comments Please ^_^
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